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N is already in. ­čÖé ( Sorry, couldn’t resist it)

The good news is that the Android N developer preview is here, and we’re massively stoked to see the new features that Android is bringing.

Ace Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee gives us the low-down in this video below. Here are the top 5 new features

  1. Redesigned Settings App with more quick view information.
  2. Redesigned Notifications to take advantage of the bigger screens we use today, with ability to reply in-line in some apps.
  3. Redesigned Quick settings with easy access to frequently used functions.
  4. Redesigned Multi-tasking. This has the┬áreal kickass feature – Splitscreen multi-tasking
  5. Dark Mode for use at night or in places where you don’t want to blast the bright light

You can get the developer preview if you have a Nexus device ( Disclaimer: Don’t do this if you are not a pro, and don’t have a spare phone)