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We seem to be on the verge of the bezel-less phone revolution. First off, the Xiaomi Mi Mix wowed us with the gorgeous Mi Mix, now Samsung has upped the game with the Infinity Display on the new S8. There has been a lot of speculation that the upcoming iPhone will also be a bezel-less beauty.

And now, the guy who basically invented Android is bringing out a premium phone

Andy Rubin is the daddy of Android. Infact, Android was his nickname, and his personal homepage.
He basically founded Android and later on with the help of Google, has brought it to our smartphones with near universal acceptance. Now,in his post Google avatar, he is working on a super phone that is showing promise of shaking things up in the Android atmosphere. He tweeted this image, in which he teases a completely bezel-less phone.

This was later confirmed by ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt as an Android phone.

Fingers crossed for this one. The future looks interesting. And without bezels.