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Samsung DeX : Turn your Samsung S8 into a Desktop computer

Samsung DeX : Turn your Samsung S8 into a Desktop computer

The Samsung S8 & its larger sibling the S8+ are setting the sales charts on fire. Samsung seems to have a clear winner on their hands with the launch of the S8. With class leading design, specs and performance, Samsung has left no stone unturned to make this a resounding success.

One cool feature that Samsung has baked into the S8 siblings is the DeX console. Similar to the Microsoft Continuum dock,
the DeX dock allows you to use your Samsung Galaxy S8 as a full fledged computer by allowing you to connect to a traditional monitor, keyboard and mouse setup. Once you connect, this gives you the freedom to use Android Apps in a desktop environment.

Our smartphones are almost as powerful as our primary computers, with a lot of the new phones sporting as much as 6GB RAM, its only logical that we be able to ditch our laptops and desktops and only use our smartphones. Many companies have tried to go down this route – Remix OS and the Superbook are two decent attempts towards this. Microsoft’s Continuum also showed a lot of promise, but with the 950XL’s lack lustre sale, that too died down.

So, will Samsung flourish where others have floundered? Check out the video below to judge for yourselves. The Samsung DeX will soon be available on YallaShop.

Another Super Smartphone in the offing – Andy Rubin’s Essential

Another Super Smartphone in the offing – Andy Rubin’s Essential

We seem to be on the verge of the bezel-less phone revolution. First off, the Xiaomi Mi Mix wowed us with the gorgeous Mi Mix, now Samsung has upped the game with the Infinity Display on the new S8. There has been a lot of speculation that the upcoming iPhone will also be a bezel-less beauty.

And now, the guy who basically invented Android is bringing out a premium phone

Andy Rubin is the daddy of Android. Infact, Android was his nickname, and his personal homepage.
He basically founded Android and later on with the help of Google, has brought it to our smartphones with near universal acceptance. Now,in his post Google avatar, he is working on a super phone that is showing promise of shaking things up in the Android atmosphere. He tweeted this image, in which he teases a completely bezel-less phone.

This was later confirmed by ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt as an Android phone.

Fingers crossed for this one. The future looks interesting. And without bezels.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – First Look Video

Samsung Galaxy S8 – First Look Video

Samsung is back with a blockbuster with Galaxy S8. After the much publicized debacle of the Note 7, Samsung really needed a winner and they’ve definitely delivered a product that can pull it past last years unfortunate events.

The Galaxy S8 is really a design superstar with no bezels on the side, which the marketing mavens at Samsung decided to dub the Infinity Display.

The phone is very impressive to hold and use. It manages to pack in very big screen into a not so big phone. The S8 features a 5.8″ screen and the S8+ has a 6.2″ screen. However, neither of the S8 siblings feel very big in hand. The industrial design is top of the game, way ahead of any of the competitors.

Powered by the Snapdragon 835, the performance is likely to be butter smooth. Check out the First Look video from The Verge. Stay tuned to Yallashop to be notified of the launch date in the UAE and KSA.

Tall, rugged and handsome with no gimmicks -LG G6 – First Look

Tall, rugged and handsome with no gimmicks -LG G6 – First Look

The LG G6 was one of the most anticipated phones of the #MWC2017.

Last year at the MWC2016, LG wowed us with their practical take on modular phones –  the LG G5. However the markets didnt seem to show any enthusiasm for this gimmick. This time around LG has abandoned all gimmicks and focused on building a solid flagship pnone. And how have they delivered on this premise.

The LG G6 is a tall and handsome phone with extremely rugged build quality and class leading specs. It has a gorgeous 5.7″ display with a 18:9 aspect ratio. This tall screen is really useful if you are into multitasking.LG has built in some software features to take advantage of this tall screen

This phone is built for rugged performance. The G6 comes with IP68 rating and MIL-STD-810G standards. This means it can be take a shower for about 30 mins plus it can take some serious abuse. It is one of the few flagships built to a military standard.

After the Google Pixel series, this will be one of the first phones to have the Google Assistant baked in. This focus on building a really strong value proposition for their flagship seems to have paid off already.This seems to have paid off, with over 40,000 pre-orders already in for this phone in South Korea alone.

Have a look at this tall beauty in the First look video produced by The Verge. Stay tuned for more news, and of course the LG G6 will be available on YallaShop as soon as it hits the Arabian shores.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium- World’s first 4K screen + 960 FPS video capture- First Look Video

Sony Xperia XZ Premium- World’s first 4K screen + 960 FPS video capture- First Look Video

This year’s MWC had plenty of interesting launches. While most were nostalgia inducing, Sony travelled into the future and brought us some features that would have been thought impossible. Sony released their flagship XZ Premium with 2 unbelievable features.

  • Super Slow motion video thanks to the mind blowing 960 FPS video
  • The worlds first ever 4K display in a phone. Yes, you read this right! 4K on a 5.5″ inch smartphone. That’s almost twice as much the best of the current flagships!!
  • Snapdragon 835
  • 19 MP with bigger pixels
  • 5 Axis stabilization on both the cameras for better videos.

Sony has packed in a very powerful offering with their XZ Premium flagship, which seems to be the logical thing to do, given their lackluster sales performance in recent times. This stunner will be out soon, and we will bring you more news and reviews, not to mention the best prices on our website – YallaShop.

Check out the First look video from The Verge below. Let us know in the comments what you think of this innovative flagship phone.

Time to Switch? Nintendo Switch : Video Review

Time to Switch? Nintendo Switch : Video Review

Nintendo is the master of thinking outside the box. From the time they came up with Mario, the iconic Gameboy, the game changing Wii and now the Nintendo Switch.

Back when the PS3 and Xbox One were trying to cram in as much horsepower into their consoles, Nintendo came out of the left field with a completely new way of gaming with the Wii. Bringing in the Wii motion controllers was a game changer at the time.  The Wii brought in a whole lot of people who would have never got into console gaming otherwise. The innovative hardware design and game play is what made the difference then.

This time around Nintendo is bringing the same out of box thinking to build a hybrid portable gaming console – The Switch. This consists of a 6.2″ tablet with separate joy-cons and a console dock. The hardware is amazingly innovative.This is probably the first time anyone has thought of gamers who would like to continue their gaming outside their living rooms. The Nintendo Switch has a hybrid system which allows you to play the games you like on a console connected to your TV or in a handheld format when you are outside.

Does Nintendo hit a home run with this hybrid gaming console? Check out what GameSpot has to say.

If you think you need to Switch to the Nintendo Switch, get yours in the UAE and KSA from YallaShop by clicking here.