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Have you ever felt lost in a new place? Every tourist or traveller has gone through this experience every time they’ve traveled. We had physical maps, apps and the classic technique of asking around to take care of this.

Now, there is a pair of sneakers that can show you the way. Literally. Sneakairs from EasyJet (Yes, the budget airline) is a smart shoe that is connected to Google Maps and can direct your feet.It knows where you are and can take you where you want to go. These shoes guide you using Google Maps, Bluetooth and Arduino.

The system uses a vibration module, battery and a miniature Bluetooth Low Energy unit crammed onto board that is just 3 millimeters thick and fits into the sole of each shoe. Of course it pairs to any smartphone. (Wired Article)

While there has been a ton of hoopla about IoT, this is one of first useful scenarios we’ve come across.Now these are a pair of kicks I definitely want to own!

Check out the video below to know more.