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Google immersed itself into VR 2 years back when it brought out Cardboard – a DIY Virtual reality experience. The genius of this move was that it immediately made VR accessible to  a whole lot of people who would have otherwise given this a miss.

Since then VR has grown in leaps and bounds, with deep immersive experiences offered by HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and a host of cheap VR headsets from many manufacturers. Google steps back into this field with the Daydream. This was announced along with the Pixel earlier.

One of key differentiators that the Daydream brings is the product design. Google has crafted this from fabric to offer a more comfortable experience while using the VR headset. VRSource takes the Daydream for a ride. Let’s join along to see if this VR headset is really worth the hype. In the coming weeks, you should be able to get yourself a Daydream from YallaShop in the UAE.