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Google has been leading the smartphone revolution ever since it invested in Android. From almost nil marketshare to absolute device dominance, they’ve come a long way. However, when it comes to hardware, the goal posts seem to shift everytime they got close to scoring.

Google stared with the Nexus range of phones. These phones showed us how Android phones are supposed to be – pure, fast and made for purists. However, this has not always resulted in sales success. They tried to go mass market in the price sensitive markets like India with the Android One program. This also hasn’t really set the markets on fire. Along this journey, the acquisition and sale of Motorola also seemed like a failed innings in hardware.

Now Google is back with it’s latest effort – The Google Pixel. Leaks suggest 2 models – the Pixel and the larger Pixel XL. Tonight at 8 PM Dubai time, they will be launching the Pixel range. We are waiting with bated breath to check out if Google hits the homerun this time around.  Do tune in here to watch the livestream below.