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Google has finally gone all out with their hardware game. Last night they launched a whole series of products, including phones, Daydream VR and Google Home products.

Google has long been trying to lead the way with their Nexus range of phones. The latest effort is the Pixel, which is completed designed by Google. Though its built by HTC, Google has a firm control on how it is built. This is probably a good move to bring a more integrated hardware software experience. This will help them compete better with Apple.

One of the things that Sundar Pichai said that really set the tone was that we’ve moved from “Mobile First” to “AI First”. This philosophy brings the Google assistant to the Pixel range of phones and to the Home products.

The Pixel looks like a complete winner with powerful specs – 4 GB RAM with a Snapdragon 821 processor. The camera has always lagged behind Apple’s shooters, but this time around they claim the Pixel has the best smartphone camera ever. This is backed by a DXOmark score of 89.

The Verge has a great first look video of the Pixel and its bigger sibling the Pixel XL. Check it out here.