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If you’ve shot videos while moving, you will appreciate how difficult it is to get stable shots. Unless you are shooting for Blair Witch Project, wobbly footage is always a no- no. So how do you get a steady video capture while moving? You need to get yourself something to stabilze your camera while you are moving.

Currently there are 2 options available to us – Get a Steadicam or a Gimbal. Today, we will focus on Gimbals.

What is a Gimbal? Wikipedia tells us that a gimbal is

a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis. A set of three gimbals, one mounted on the other with orthogonal pivot axes, may be used to allow an object mounted on the innermost gimbal to remain independent of the rotation of its support.

In our context, a gimbal keeps our camera steady as we rumble along trying to get moving video footage. Now that this is settled, what gimbal can we buy ?

Until a few months back, the undisputed king of gimbals was the DJI Osmo. That was until GoPro got smart and decided to wade into the Gimbal pie, which were no doubt largely used by GoPro enthusiasts. So voila! Here we have the GoPro Karma Grip. So how does the Karma Grip fare against the incumbent? Check out in the video below.