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Just a few years back when we first saw 360 videos, I remember the excitement and wonder. One of the first videos I saw was of a Redbull F1 car, and it looked really amazing!

The only question then was how would content production spread since the cost was prohibitively high. Today I feel silly asking that question just a few years back. With the rapid adoption of VR headsets, it is easier than ever to experience 360 degree content. But what about creating content? Won’t that be expensive?

Not really. Insta360 offers an excellent solution to shoot 4K quality 360 degree video at a very affordable price point. Using 2 Sony 8 MP cameras, this gorgeous device stitches up some really nifty 4K 360 degree video.

Check out the video below to see how good this really is. And head to YallaShop to buy your Insta360 4K camera at the #bestpriceever

Now you can make your own 360 degree video!