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Temet Nosce :  This is a Latin term, which means ” Know thyself”. Philosophers and thinkers from Ancient ages have always maintained the greatest quest is the quest to know oneself.

Our need to improve ourselves consistently has brought us to where we are now. In the last few years, the ability to get feedback about our own self, our performance and capabilities have increased quite a lot.

Metrics are the key driver to improvement and change. While the business world embraced the maxim that “you can only manage where  you measure”, it wasn’t all that easy to measure our individual progress.

This is what the quantified self movement tried to bring in a few years back.
While they may have been dismissed as freaks a few years back, what they stood for is becoming mainstream. This was made possible by the rapid growth and adoption of smartphone technologies.

Now, it’s a lot easier to collect and analyze data than ever before. The desire to know more about oneself, our health, activity levels have given rise to the Wearables industry. Projected to be around USD 25 billion by 2019, this industry offers us tools to fulfil desire to know.From activity trackers to smart weighing scales to full blown smartwatches, this offers us the possibility of getting a real picture of what we are doing, how much we are progressing and remind ourselves to keep going.

In our fast paced, challenging post modern lives, we need more reminders to eat better, exercise more and sleep better. While the tenet of “Know Thyself” may seem to philosophical to you, these wearables help you in a very concrete way, to stay healthy and improve yourself.

We, at Yallashop have started featuring some useful devices to help you track  your fitness and progress.So, are you using wearables to measure yourself? Are are you plannning to? Hit us in the comments to let us know.

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