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2016. For many people, it was the best year.
Unlike celebrity fanboys, LG was an entity that worked really hard and brought out some stellar phones in 2016, only to see lacklustre reception from the markets.  The G5 was definitely a very refined version of what a modular phone could be. Unfortunately, like the ill-fated Project Ara from Google, this too didnt really click with audiences.

That brings us to 2017. And the upcoming LG G6. LG seems to have learnt its lessons from the school of hard knocks. The leaks seem very enticing for smartphone fans like us. LG is promising a large 5.7 inch screen. They claim to be bringing out a true one handed operation. This, if true, will really help us big phone users ( Yours truly included!).  The body seems to be an all metal. Breaking away from their tradition of having removable batteries, LG seems to have included a non removable battery. This is mostly done to aid with making the phone waterproof.

It is not yet clear if LG has secured the coveted Snapdragon 835 chips or releasing with the Snadragon 821.  This flagship also has the distinction of being the first non-Google phone to release with the Google Assistant.  When it coming to packing their flagships with features, LG has always followed the philosophy of throwing everything but the kitchen sink. And it looks like they will continue to thrill enthusiasts with this phone too.

Check out more info on this cool upcoming phone in the video below.