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If you’re in the market for a lightweight laptop with great performance, chances are you will end up looking at the Macbook Air. Ever since it’s launch it’s been the gold standard for lightweight and highly capable machines.  Infact, it soon became the defacto choice for a lot of coders in the valley.

Ever since then, there have been many contenders to this throne ( HP, Asus, Dell XPS 13??), but none have really mattered.

Then Apple decided to change the game by bringing in the Macbook. Yes, the Macbook ( No Air, No Pro, just the ultra ultra light weight 12″ Macbook). This beauty of a machine is now favored by the crowd that puts portability on top of their list. ( And great looks too!)

So which one would you go for? Lauren Goode(from the Verge) and her alter ego duke it out to settle this.

Whatever the verdict, you can bet that the best deal on Macbooks are on Yallashop. Check them out.