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We see a clear trend in tech companies wanting to ape Apple with their tight integration of hardware and software. Google followed Apple’s lead in creating the fabulous Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone range. The quality and the reception it has received from the tech press and consumers seems to be proof that this approach is working.

Microsoft too has put its hat in this ring, by building its own hardware. Last year’s SurfaceBook was a great way to showcase the best of Microsoft that 3rd parties like Dell, Lenovo, et al weren’t able to.

This time around, they’ve upped the game by bringing the all new Surface Studio PC. At a time, when creatives are feeling ignored by Apple ( who seem to be obsessed with removing all usable ports and making stuff impossibly thin), Microsoft seems to be going the extra mile to woo them.

The new Surface Studios are impeccably well designed, and feature top notch industrial design.  Powered by 6th gen i5 and i7 processors, Microsoft has offered of high spec options with atleast 2GB of GPU for graphic intensive applications.

The real innovation here is the Surface dial,which adds  a really useful dimension to the UX for any graphics professional.

Check out the first look video below for more. Would you get yourself one?





Very well specced – GTX 9080 and 32 GB of RAM.