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Acer has been recently active in the gaming laptop arena, offering some decent performance for a great price. This week at IFA Berlin, they unleashed probably the most monstrous gaming laptop ever! Yes, this is much wearied out phrase in the world of gaming laptops. But this one really eats all the other players for breakfast.

This monster is rightfully called the Predator 21X. Touted as the worlds first curved screen laptop, the specs blow the block into smithereens!

  • 5 fans – There is a glass bay so you can see one fan spinning in real time.
  • Curved Display
  • 2 GTX 1080 graphics cards
  • Upto 4 Hard Drives
  • Upto 64 GB of RAM is supported
  • Subwoofer
  • Mechanical keyboard

This will also be powered by the upcoming 7th Gen Intel processors. This also has eye tracking built in so you can frag your opponents by just looking at them.  This is unlike anything we’ve seen before. We can’t wait for the actual launch to see if Acer adds on its gamer cred. Check out this first look video from The Verge below.