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Motorola pushed the edge with the Moto Z with its super thin, practically modular design.  The successor of the extremely well received Moto X has improved by leaps and bounds, making it quite possibly the best Moto phone till date.

The question is will this be Motorola’s Razr Redux?

It’s got terrific build quality with full metal body.  The engineering on this is really different from anything we’ve seen this year. The phone is beautifully built,looks and feels gorgeously premium. This is probably the only phone where the camera flush serves a purpose – of syncing with the Moto Mods. As we’ve spoken before, this is till date the best execution of the modular phone idea.

We are super excited about bringing this phone to the UAE.

You can now order your very own Moto Z on and get free delivery anywhere in the UAE.

One of our favorite tech reviewers, MKBHD has also put up his comprehensive review of the Moto Z. Check it out and head to YallaShop to get your own Moto Z.