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Modular phones have been long been a enthusiast’s dream. It seemed to get a lot of traction with Google’s support of Project Ara and this year’s innovation from LG – the LG G5.  Unfortunately, things have not been hunky dory with this seemingly commonsensical idea coming to life. Google shuttered the Project Ara initiative and the LG G5 has not taken off with the masses.

Now Motorola has brought in a very convincing execution of the modular concept with the Moto Z and the Moto Mods. It has essentially made the modular super easy and practical with magnets that just snap on really easy.

In this iteration of the modular phone, Motorola clearly has a winner. And the mods are interesting as well – you get a Hasselbad camera, a JBL speaker, a Tumi battery pack and an interesting projector that can project upto 70″ on the wall.
Looks like a great proposition, except for the slightly steep pricing for the mods.

Check out the comprehensive review video by The Verge below.