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Nintendo is back to re-inventing gaming consoles with the all new Nintendo Switch. As a company, they’ve managed to find niches usually unseen to the other players. Case in point the brilliant launch of the Wii a few years back. When Sony and Microsoft were trying to cram as much power into consoles, Nintendo brought out the less powered Wii and innovated on gameplay. Needless to say, that strategy paid off very well for them.

This time around, they are fusing the console and portable aspects of a gaming device by building the hybrid Nintendo Switch. The initial product ads were enticing, with the prospect of continuing your game where ever  you are. The all new Joycon controller makes this possible with multiple combination of gaming options.

Now, the Verge takes a first look at the Nintendo Switch. Check it out below. We will soon have it on YallaShop. Stay tuned for launch dates.