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The grand daddy of the gaming industry – Nintendo has been quiet for a while. Since their blockbuster Wii launch a few years back, they’ve not been making a large impact in the fast changing gaming console. They did make a big splash with the brief Pokemon Go craze, but they’ve definitely been absent from much of the action in the console industry.

Until now, that is. Nintendo has announced an interesting new console – The Nintendo Switch. It looks like a portable console ala 3DS or PS Vita,but it also has the capability to be transformed in to a propah gaming console and played on a TV with a gaming controller ( much like a tradtional console). Nintendo seems to be believe that this will help you continue playing games no matter where you are. It’s an interesting take on how we game. We’ll have to wait and watch how that pans out.

A decade back, Nintendo took a very marked departure from conventional thinking about gaming consoles. They were amply rewarded with massive commercial success of the Wii. The Switch looks like a similar play, will they win this time around? Will we love this ? We’ll have to wait and watch. The Nintendo Switch is likely to be launched in March 2017, and you can be sure we @yallashop will have it first for you to try for yourself.  Below is the official launch video of the Nintendo Switch. Are you ready to Switch? Let us know in the comments