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Sony has been late to the VR party. Oculus, HTC, Samsung and everyone else has been out with their VR headsets since a while. Sony being the leader in gaming consoles has taken a deliberate and powerful move in to the VR space with their VR offering – the Playstation VR. And with close to 46 million active users on PS, you can see a sales blockbuster already.

As with the HTC Vive, the initial setup can be a bit of a pain. But once you are set, its a joy to play with. One of cool features is the ability to share the screen you are playing with an output option. This is unlike anything else we’ve seen before, and brings in a social element.

We are massively excited about the Playstation VR, and will soon have it on Yallashop so you can order it anywhere in the UAE with free shipping. Check out the cool video review from Polygon below.