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The Samsung S8 & its larger sibling the S8+ are setting the sales charts on fire. Samsung seems to have a clear winner on their hands with the launch of the S8. With class leading design, specs and performance, Samsung has left no stone unturned to make this a resounding success.

One cool feature that Samsung has baked into the S8 siblings is the DeX console. Similar to the Microsoft Continuum dock,
the DeX dock allows you to use your Samsung Galaxy S8 as a full fledged computer by allowing you to connect to a traditional monitor, keyboard and mouse setup. Once you connect, this gives you the freedom to use Android Apps in a desktop environment.

Our smartphones are almost as powerful as our primary computers, with a lot of the new phones sporting as much as 6GB RAM, its only logical that we be able to ditch our laptops and desktops and only use our smartphones. Many companies have tried to go down this route – Remix OS and the Superbook are two decent attempts towards this. Microsoft’s Continuum also showed a lot of promise, but with the 950XL’s lack lustre sale, that too died down.

So, will Samsung flourish where others have floundered? Check out the video below to judge for yourselves. The Samsung DeX will soon be available on YallaShop.