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We ♥ headphones. At YallaShop, we spend a lot of time with our headphones, channeling positive energy from our playlists, focusing better on building a better eCommerce experience for you. And we keep trying different headphones. Over the past year, there have been a myriad of wireless headphones that have launched. But none have really excited us.

Today, Samsung has surprised us with the first truly wireless sport earbuds – the Samsung Gear Iconx. These ear buds sit independently in your ears, without any cable at all.  It also has 4 GB of internal memory that allows you to store upto 1000 songs, freeing you from the hassle of carrying a smartphone/ipod while working out.

Another well thought out feature is the Ambient sound mode, that allows you to hear your surroundings. This is very useful if your are running outside or working in a packed gym ( can potentially save from freak accidents!).

These earbuds also act as a capable fitness tracker, it can track your heart rate and a whole lot of other health metrics.
It also comes with a cool case, which also doubles up as the charger.

To control the earbuds, you can use very intuitively designed touch controls. (See image below)


If you are fitness enthusiast who loves their music, this product is a match made in heaven. The only con we could see is the meagre battery life, but this should suffice for most peoples workouts.

Check out this cool video from The Verge about this cool earbud. The Samsung Gear Iconx is now available on YallaShop at a great price. We deliver free of charge anywhere in the UAE. Click here to buy and be the first in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the rest of the emirates to own this cool gadget!