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The Samsung Gear S3 is a substantially improved iteration of its extremely successly gear S2 model.
In fact its more of a revolution than an evolution. Samsung seems to have understood the real pain points of a smart watch user and worked hard to build a superb product.

The Gear S3 comes in 2 flavors – the rugged Frontier edition and the elegant Classic edition. This caters to the usual bifurcation of people looking for something sporty or a dressy watch.

The coolest part of this is the functional bezel which can be rotated to access different menu items. This makes it a much better user experience vis-a-vis other smart watches in the market.

Keeping in line with current fashion trends, the Gear S3 is a big watch at 46mm. The icing on the cake is all new iOS app making this great smart watch compatible with the iPhones. Check out the video review from Android Authority and head to Yallashop to get your Gear S3 with free shipping anywhere in the UAE.