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Google released their much awaited messaging app – Allo. This is the 2nd messaging app from Google this year after the FaceTimeish Duo.

In a market chock-a-block with messaging apps, who needs another messaging app? Well, Google puts an interesting spin to this with the messaging assistant – a chatbot that helps you bring the best of Google to a chat app. You can ask the chatbot to send you news, remind you of tasks to be done, entertain you or simple bring you information you need at the moment, i.e, restaurant reviews, directions to a landmark, etc.

This is the coolest part of the app. Even in a regular chat with a friend, you can type @google to bring up the search functionality and you can get search results immediately. It’s interesting to see how tightly Google is integrating their search in all their products, and Allo could go a long way in bringing a higher usage level for search.

Other than this, they have all the usual messaging bells and whistles like stickers, doodles, etc.

Allo was also in news due to Edward Snowden’s accusation of lack of privacy.

The Verge did a comprehensive review video of the Google Allo. Check it out here. What do you think? Would you say hello to Allo?