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Snapchat has grown expontentially in the past few years, becoming the social media platform of choice for the younger generation. It’s success has been acknowledged by rivals, with Instagram and Facebook copying popular Snapchat features and incorporating them into their own offerings.

And while competitors were focused on the features, Snap ( the company behind Snapchat) has pivoted forward with the launch of their Spectacles. The Snap Spectacles are a eyeglass wearable that can capture upto 10 secs of video and post on Snapchat. This provides a unique POV perspective to your Snaps.

While we’ve been seeing many companies trying to get into the eyewear wearables game, starting from Sony way back in 1996 to Google’s very public failure with the Google Glass, Snap seems to have nailed the looks and hardware on their spectacles. The Snap Spectacles look like normal glasses with just 2 small dark circles in the corner that look like a style element.

But how good are these Spectacles?
Check out the review by Verge below. If you are convinced you need this now, head to YallaShop to get yours with free shipping in the UAE.