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For any creative professional, Macbook Pros are the go-to device of choice. Developers too, prefer the Macbook Pro due to its UNIX roots and the fact it is quite solid. Recently IBM went public with its new found love for the Macbook Pro.

However, most users have been clamoring for an update to the the Macbook Pro, which in all fairness, was getting a bit long in the tooth.

Apple has finally revealed a drastic update to the Macbook Pro resulting in a much thinner iteration of the much loved device. They’ve really added a lot more pixels to the displays bringing in what could be the best laptop screens ever. But the most interesting part is the new TouchBar.  Its a thin touchscreen strip which replaces the function keys. This adds a really interesting dimension to the user experience. Nilay from The Verge takes this feature for a test drive. Check it out below.