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Nintendo is the master of thinking outside the box. From the time they came up with Mario, the iconic Gameboy, the game changing Wii and now the Nintendo Switch.

Back when the PS3 and Xbox One were trying to cram in as much horsepower into their consoles, Nintendo came out of the left field with a completely new way of gaming with the Wii. Bringing in the Wii motion controllers was a game changer at the time.  The Wii brought in a whole lot of people who would have never got into console gaming otherwise. The innovative hardware design and game play is what made the difference then.

This time around Nintendo is bringing the same out of box thinking to build a hybrid portable gaming console – The Switch. This consists of a 6.2″ tablet with separate joy-cons and a console dock. The hardware is amazingly innovative.This is probably the first time anyone has thought of gamers who would like to continue their gaming outside their living rooms. The Nintendo Switch has a hybrid system which allows you to play the games you like on a console connected to your TV or in a handheld format when you are outside.

Does Nintendo hit a home run with this hybrid gaming console? Check out what GameSpot has to say.

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