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Imagine a life without smartphones. Go on. Take a few seconds and try.
How would you communicate,entertain yourself, shop and err… live? While we are obsessed with our smart phones now, just about a decade back most of us didn’t even have one.

See how far we’ve come. Now, it’s difficult to even imagine a life without smartphones. Since the smartphone is such an integral part of our lives, how much do you know about your smartphone? Do you know what’s inside one?

RAM? Processor? What else? Today, we are sharing a video that will show you the inside secrets of a smartphone. More accurately, what is inside a smartphone. Nat and Lo are two Google employees who do YouTube Vlogs to show us life inside Google. In one of their video tours, they take us to their resident geek, Dan who takes apart a phone to show us whats inside. Now’s the part where you stop reading and start watching. Enjoy!