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There are 2 kinds of gamers, the console gamers and then the really passionate hardcore gamers who look down on console gamers. Gamers who need the power hungry gaming PCs to run their games.

Console makers like Sony and Microsoft have so far missed out on getting any serious traction with this audience. To make up for this, and to prep for the oncoming assault of VR gaming, console makers are seriously upping the ante on performance of gaming consoles. Earlier this year, we saw the more powerful PS4 Pro that was brought  out by Sony.

We had the Xbox One S that was launched towards the end of 2016 acting as a stop gap until Microsoft brought out the vaunted Project Scorprio.

So, what is the Project Scorpio? It is Microsoft’s attempt at going hardcore. It is building a really powerful gaming console which can play High end VR games as well as support 4K and HDR games. With a massive 6 Terraflops of graphic performance, the Project Scorpio is about 5 times as powerful as the Xbox One.

This will be great news for content creators who can use this vastly powerful console to bring out more realistic and immersive gaming experiences. If the Project Scorpio takes off in a big way, it can also usher in greater penetration of VR games. This will also be a win-win for pretty much involved in gaming.

We are quite excited about this at YallaShop, and will share more news as soon we get a whiff of it. Check out the video below that explains what’s cool about the Project Scorpio