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We love our music, and we know you do too. Headphones are a great way to immerse yourself in your favorite music.And while there are a myriad of headphones, there are few that take this to a new level.

Started by Joseph Grado in 1953, this company’s initial mission was to create high-quality phonograph cartridges.
Today they are sought out by audiophiles for their high quality handcrafted headphones.

In an era where practically everything is mass manufactured in Chinese factories,Grado comes across as a exception in pursuit of their craft. And it seems to have worked,with more than 48 patents pertaining to headphone tech.

They have not advertised since 1964, relying upon word of mouth from a loyal tribe of audiophiles to build their brand.

Today, they are one of the most successful small brands on Social Media.

We are proud to bring such a storied brand to our discerning audience in the UAE.You can now get your own pair of Grados here with free shipping in the UAE.

HypeBeast did a feature on Grado sometime back. Do check out this cool video about this uber cool company.